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The Story Of A Pregnant Dog Dumped During A Blizzard And Her One Surviving Puppy

Four years ago we had really bad blizzard. Someone had dumped a pregnant dog off out in the country. When the snow melted, we drove out to our farm and went down to barn. Here she appeared and I gave her my food we just gotten. I opened the gate to the barn and there were 5 frozen puppies and one really fat solid white one…

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Baby And Puppy Who Napped Together Have A New Little Sister

Remember Theo and Beau, the most adorable puppy and baby duo who napped together and warmed hearts around the world? Well, this past September, the pair added a new nap time friend to their daily ritual, Beau’s baby sister Evangeline or Evvie for short.   Mom Jessica Shyba started photographing baby Beau and puppy Theo […]

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With The Help Of The Internet A Caring Woman Helps A Paralyzed Stray Dog She Saw Struggling On A Beach In Thailand

A paralyzed stray dog, struggling on the beach in Thailand, gets help from the internet and one caring woman that was willing to go out of her way to help! Leo is one lucky dog! The kindness one does for an animal, may not change the world… but it will change the world for that […]

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