10 Wonderful Dogs That Are Grateful For Being Rescued

They say that when you save a dog, that dog has so much gratitude, devotion and loyalty towards its rescuer, and you as a rescuer feel so much love and fulfillment.

These are just a few of the lucky ones, there are many more out there waiting for their loving forever homes.

‘The kindness that one does for an animal may not change the world…. but it will change the world for that one animal’

Here are 10 amazing dogs who are grateful for being rescued.


Dachshund mix Captain Morgan, so named because of his one eye, gives rescuer Eva Armstrong a heartfelt hug.

Captain Morgan was rescued from a high kill shelter in Alabama by Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue. The night he was rescued, Armstrong let the dog stay with her, he slept in her bed, they watched t.v., took long walks and bonded.

After he was adopted by a couple in Brooklyn, Captain never forgot his rescuer. When the two were reunited last year at one of Badass Brooklyn’s parties, the dog spotted Armstrong from a distance, ran over, and jumped into her arms as if to say ‘thank you.’

Photographer Hilary Benas caught the moment at the exact perfect time – source



Abandoned stray dog Jill gives rescuer Victoria Van Violence a hug and a great big smile. Jill was rescued by Victoria and Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws off the streets of Los Angeles in one of his easiest rescues ever.

As soon as she spotted Victoria, she just came over to her, and after a few bites of cheeseburger, she kissed her to say thank you – source



Animal control officer from the Hillsborough County Animal Services cradles a Pitbull that was rescued from a suspected dog fighting ring in Plant City, Florida.

The dog seems quite pleased to be held in officer Pam Perry’s arms after being freed from heavy chains – source



These two dogs go from sad to happy very quickly on their way from the shelter to their new forever home – source



Happy, smiley dog Daphne was rescued by her new family in February 2010 from Angels Heart Dog Rescue. Her mommy says, ‘Daphne loves people, she is warm and friendly with everyone she meets. She is well mannered, gentle with kids, and a good listener most of the time.’

‘We are very happy with Daphne as part of the family and are so grateful that she was rescued. This wonderful and kind pet has brought us so much joy.’ – source



Stray dog Miley, the Husky who was rescued from a trash heap by Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws has found her loving forever home. Miley’s rescue went viral and touched millions of people around the world. The Husky was found sick, severely malnourished and barely surviving.

After she was rescued, Miley went to The Fuzzy Pet Foundation where she was taken care of and nursed back to health. Here is the happy, healthy Miley posing for a pic with her new mom – source



Two shelter dogs, Kyra and Delaware, whose photo went viral as they snuggled together on a cot at the Fulton County Animal Services in Atlanta, Georgia have been adopted together!

Kyra, a 1-year-old Lab mix, became friends with Delaware, an 8-month-old Pit Bull mix and the sweet photo shows the two homeless dogs bonding and sharing a tender moment.

Their day has finally come where they can be together playing and being spoiled by their new forever family! – source



And this little fella whose expression says it all! – source