10 Absolutely Adorable Before And After Pictures Of Dogs Growing Up

Puppies grow up so fast, right before our eyes. We can barely remember how small they were at one time. As they grow into loving dogs we must cherish every moment that we spend with them as they are only in our lives for such a short time. Here are 10 absolutely adorable before and after photos of dogs growing up!

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Adorable German Shepherd puppy Ava grows up from 7 weeks to 7 months – source



Gorgeous blue eyed Husky Aurora 7 months later – source



This pup grew up but still likes to hang out on his daddy’s back like when he was little



10 years apart and he thinks he’s still a puppy – source



Adorable Golden Retriever puppy Poppy in her favorite spot on her first day home, grows up – source



Just three months later this puppy is sad she doesn’t fit in her favorite spot anymore either – source



Golden Retriever Midas and his daddy after a decade together – source



Kaycee on the bottom and Max on top are still inseparable after all these years - source



German Shepherd pup four years later, what an amazing change in coloring – source



My dog and I, 15 years later. The day we met, and the day we said goodbye – source