Ten Adorable Pictures Of Boo And Buddy The Cutest Duo On The Internet

For this post, the 10 cutest pictures of Boo and Buddy, it was virtually impossible to pick just ten pictures of them, because nearly all of them are cuter than the next. Here are the ten adorable pictures that I did choose that were some of my favorites…. still, very, very hard to pick. They are both so sweet and have huge smiles that light up the internet!


The classic Boo pose. Human it’s Monday, why am I being woken up?



The fluffy duo in their birthday suits celebrating nobody’s birthday in particular



Boo likes to keep his feet where he can see them



The cute pair sending their happy smiles, special delivery to you



Buddy all ready for his belly rubs! Bring em on!



Someone’s not pleased that they got a little disheveled on a rainy day walk



The cuties hiding amongst some imposters. There they are, those heart melting smiles again!



All ready to go. Hey human we have our booties on and we are all ready to go! What are you waiting for!



Boo’s sad awwwww is playtime really over now mommy look



And Buddy and Boo superheroes, here to save the day and spread cuteness every where!

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King, a one-year-old American Bulldog mix, made his television debut a few minutes early at a Miami TV station when he interrupted a weather report catching meteorologist Ryan Phillips off-guard. Station WTVJ is working with a local community organization to help find King a home! Hope his adorable antics helps find him his forever home for Christmas!


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