Staffordshire Bull Terrier Boom And Friends

You all may remember these photos of Staffordshire Bull Terrier Boom posing with a baby chick and some bunnies in a basket that quickly went viral.


This photo posted on reddit with the title “Your typical violent and aggressive Pit Bull,” went viral over one weekend and has close to one and a half million views to date.


Boom’s owner Carla, who runs Working Terriers took these pics of 4-year-old Boom and pals for an Easter photo shoot last year.


Carla trains Boom and other dogs for obedience competitions, agility and dog sports


As well as being just an all around love bug, according to his facebook page, Boom has an awesome personality, loves to work, and is a social butterfly.


He is an incredible little guy who will try to do anything you ask of him and will always give it his all.


Here are some pictures of Boom with baby chick Itty all grown up!!!

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