French Bulldog Celebrates His 3rd Birthday | Video

Adorable French Bulldog Eric Charming celebrates his 3rd birthday with a selection of sweet shop themed squeaky treats and gourmet dog biscuits! Not to be left out, Eric’s little sister Patsy Darling also gets her own new toy to join the festivities :)

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Misfit The Blind Doberman Is Special, Not Needy

Born blind and abandoned, Misfit, was the only one to survive his litter

Life through the eyes of Misfit, a blind Doberman

The nine-month-old Doberman was born blind along with two of his other siblings, however, Misfit was the only one to survive

Misfit loves his hippo stuffed toy

Luckily, Misfit was adopted soon after and now lives happily in Maryland with his family, which includes his two human mommies and a cat named Willis, who he self admittedly, loves to chase :)

Misfit says he is special, not needy

Misfit spent a lot of time as a puppy learning how to go up and down the stairs and learning the layout of his new house, which took some special care and attention but with perseverance, Misfit now navigates the place like a pro.

Having a little snooze

Some of the things that Misfit loves to do include chewing on raw hides, sitting on his moms’ laps, going for walks, jumping around the yard like a crazy man and going to the dog park where he likes to show others that special needs dogs are special, not needy and and that they deserve just as much love!!

Playing tug of war at the park

Misfits mommy says: “We did so many amazing things together during our first summer as a family. Misfit may not be able to see, but we always take him with us on our adventures because we know he can feel and share the excitement and novice of our experiences together.

Misfit and his momma made a snowman named him Edwin

People might think “what’s the point, he can’t see” – no, he can’t, but that dog feels. He feels more than any human being. He rests his head on grandmoms lap when she’s sick, runs over and licks Morgan’s face if she’s sad and plays with me (Dana) to make me smile when he knows I’ve had a hard day at work.

I spend a lot of time reflected on and thinking about Misfit, how he’s the glue that holds our world together, he’s our support system, our best friend – he is so much to us and he never disappoints. He doesn’t even know how necessary he is in our lives, yet some how he fills all the voids in it. The boy is truly a miracle.”

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Special thanks to Lia JG for bringing Misfit to our attention!

Surf Dog Ricochet Grants Make-A-Wish for Teen With Cancer – Kleenex Alert | Video

Caleb is a 15 year old boy with stage 4 brain cancer that spread to his spine, causing him to use a wheelchair. When Make-A-Wish asked him what he wished for, he said to surf with Surf dog Ricochet. Caleb said “I saw this cool dog on ESPN that surfs with kids who are disabled or have special needs, I wish that one day I could surf with her.”

His wish was granted on Wednesday, February 12th.

Blowing a kiss to his mom, he was helped from his chair into the ocean and onto the board by Ricochet’s amazing team of helpers.

Caleb’s goal is to beat this cancer and tell everyone how he beat it. He believes God has a plan for him and anything is possible. Ricochet asks if you can please share this inspirational video and also say a prayer for Caleb. You can find Caleb and Ricochet on Facebook at PrayForCaleb and SurfDogRicochet

Ricochet was honored to grant Caleb’s wish and hopes it was an experience he will remember for years to come.