A Sweet But Unusual Looking Dog Named Pig | Video

Pig the dog, born with severe deformities was found in a wooded area and was later adopted by Kim Dillenbeck of Alabama.

The 8-month-old dog has gangly legs, a short body and no neck. Not realizing that she is any different, Pig hops like a frog to stand up and walks with a gait that resembles a gorilla.

Pig was found as a puppy with three of her litter mates in a wooded area. Dillenbeck saw the dog during a Christmas visit and later brought her home, not thinking at first that she would live because of her odd shape.


Pig made a big splash in the internet community last month as thousands of people watched videos of her after her coming-out party.

Pig plays and runs with other dogs, and doesn’t have any major health problems, but she does tire easily, and she sometimes loses her balance and topples over like a toddler.

10 Giant Dogs Who Think They Are Still Lap Dogs

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Zen Dog | Dog Quote Poster


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Everyone needs a spiritual guide, mine is my dog. He has great wisdom to impart, he makes friends easily, and doesn’t hold a grudge. He enjoys simple pleasures and takes each day as it comes, like a true zen master. He eats when he is hungry and sleeps when he is tired. And best of all he befriends me with an unconditional love that human beings would do well to imitate