Rescuing A Stray Dog With A Surprise Ending | Video


Rescue from the Hart received an urgent call about a stray dog from Legend Animal Rescue. After several days of trying to save the dog, they finally secured her in a yard, but needed help completing the rescue. They thought they were rescuing one dog, but were in for a huge surprise. Watch this touching rescue here:


Hero Dachshund Helps Save St. Bernard Buddy | Video


Razor the Dachshund did his best to create a scene and get someone’s attention to help rescue his buddy, Jazzy the St. Bernard, who was stuck in a ditch. Razor was determined to help Jazzy and wasn’t going to give up until he knew his big buddy was safe. The Dachshund even ran over to the neighbor’s house to try and alert them. Finally, Razor got the attention of a passerby and he led them to where Jazzy was stuck in a cold, muddy ditch for about 18 hours. Emergency responders showed up and pulled Jazzy to safety!

Razor is being hailed a hero for helping to save his best buddy Jazzy and the two are back together safe and sound!


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Dog Living On A Chain For Five Years Gets Rescued | Video


This dog had been living on a chain for 5 years. By the time Duke was rescued he weighed 9 kilos. He was left with no food or water and was so exhausted that he could barely lift the weight of the chain.

Watch his amazing transformation and what a little love and care can do to heal a broken soul. Duke is now a happy, healthy dog who loves everyone!!