Great Dog Pictures

A Place to Love Dogs is all about great dog pictures – we have thousands of dog photos submitted by our users, ranging from cute puppies through to favourite family pets and working dogs. To help you browse through the photos we’ve created a number of categories and tags, the most popular of which we list here below.

Cute Dog and Puppy Pictures

Cute Dogs

Cute dogs is one of the most popular galleries on a place to love dogs, and we have thousands of the cutest dogs and puppies around!

Funny Dog and Puppy Pictures

Funny Dogs

Dogs bring fun into our lives, and this gallery brings together our funniest dogs

Adorable Dog and Puppy Pictures

Adorable Dogs

If you’re looking for heartwarming and adorable pictures of dogs and puppies, then you’ve come to the right place!

Funny Dog Cartoons

Dog Cartoons

We have loads of great dog cartoons from regular contributor cartoonist Mark Anderson

Dog Captions


We have some great captioned photos submitted by our readers, guaranteed to make you laugh or be inspired.

Fluffy Dogs

Fluffy Dogs

There’s something special about fluffy dogs isn’t there? And did you realise how many different types of fluffy dogs there are?

Newborn Dogs and Puppies

Newborn Dogs

We’ve a special place inour hearts and on the site for newborn dogs

Popular Dogs

Popular Dogs

Popular dogs in the sense that our visitors have voted for them, and shared them – great photos covering all breeds and types of dog.

Pictures of sleepy and sleeping dogs

Sleepy Dogs

Let sleeping dogs lie, but we can still take photos – check out these great sleepy dog pictures

Hero Dogs

Hero Dogs

Beyond the cute and adorable, we celebrate hero dogs who have shown true courage and spirit

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