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When it comes to doggies there is a great variety of sizes, colors and breeds — and we love them all! Your doggy is a certain breed or mix of breeds and it’s natural to want to know more about them.

Dog Breeds are also one of the ways that we classify photos from our huge collection to make them easier to find and enjoy. When you upload a photo to your profile page on A Place To Love Dogs and you tag it with the breed, it gives interesting information to readers and allows your doggie’s photos to be included automatically on any page on the site that deals with that breed. That way anyone interested in your breed can enjoy seeing and finding out about your doggy!

What You’ll Find Here

A list of some of the most popular Dog Breed Galleries will appear here. More breeds will be added over time with information from us or from people who would like to contribute to a page here because of their own interest in a particular breed.

Useful information for various dog breeds will be added over time, including specific breed helpful tipa, statistics, and interesting facts.

If you have an interest in a specific breed you’ll definitely want to check out (and bookmark) its page on A Place To Love Dogs – maybe you’d like to share your own experiences with that breed, submit a photo of your dog or contact us to share your own story

How Breeds Began

I can still remember how surprised I was when I first found out that all the amazing dog breeds that exist today originally came from one animal  — the wolf! Wolves are wild, not pets, but early in human history certain gentle individual wolves would hang around areas where humans lived and they would be given food, which encouraged them to grow closer and spend more time there. Eventually they became pets and a wonderful partnership began. The humans and, what eventually became the first dogs, helped each other. The dogs had a superior sense of smell, and other attributes, that extended the abilities of humans to aid in getting food and to survive and prosper. They also gave people a type of love and companionship that they had never known before.

As dogs began to be used for various specialized purposes they began to have different characteristics. Then people began to realize they could breed individual dogs with certain attributes to strengthen those qualities in their offspring. Through this process recognizable distinct breeds began to emerge.

Join Us

Come along on the journey as we look at different breeds and discover more about them, and how to enjoy them and take care of them.


This information is gathered from general unverified internet sources for the convenience of readers and is not intended as expert advice or guidance, but as a starting point for further research. Consult a veterinarian for guidance in all pet related matters.

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