Dog Found Frozen To Ground Gets New Legs | Video


2-year-old Hector has spent most of his life stuck inside. When Lisa Korol adopted him, she was told that his mother, a stray dog, gave birth to him in Northern Saskatchewan in the minus 40 cold. His back paws and tail frozen to the ground. Last year, Korol shared his story on facebook and people started donating money to help buy him prosthetic legs. Just before Christmas, Hector got his new legs and now Korol can barely keep up with him. Watch how Hector gets outside with his new prosthetics and can run, walk and play outside like any other dog and is just loving his new found freedom!


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German Shepherd Puppy Work Out Partner | Video


Baron is a 5 month old German Shepherd puppy who just loves to work out! Watch how cute he is in this video doing lunges, push-ups (girly style) and high knees, well sort of, in a circle with his human. His mommy says that he is the best work out partner! I can see why, I wouldn’t mind having this cutie around during my work outs!