Incredibly Touching Story Of A Dog’s Last Day

An amazingly beautiful and heartfelt story of a dog named Duke Roberts and how he spent his last day surrounded by friends, family and love.

All photos and accompanying text with kind permission from photographer Robyn Arouty


By Duke Roberts


And I ate a lot of hamburgers. We had a party.



And I laughed.



And I thought about how much I’m going to miss it here.



We told jokes.



We were serious.



My friends from next door came to see me. They’re twins. When someone offered them one of my hamburgers, one said, “No thank you. I don’t want to take any from Dukey.”



Kristen came to see me. She’s a hoot. She’s my groomer. And my buddy.





While we were waiting for the vet to come Kristen said we were going for a walk. Then someone said, “How about a play in the water at the splash park down the street?” So off we went!



“You know I’m going to miss you, right?”



“And you too, right?”



“I need you to help me watch over my family.”



“Did you hear me? This is all I want!”



We got wet today.



We smiled today.



We felt grateful today.



We broke the rules today.



I listened to the kids play off in the distance. And thought about my two babies at home. I loved protecting them.



I relaxed today.



I felt no pain. Even though the tumor grew so big.



I felt the love today.



I said goodbye to my beautiful friend Kira. She “saw” me standing over everybody before the doctor said it was time. I was excited & jumping & happy.



Well, I didn’t say goodbye. I said ’til we meet again.



God, I was lucky. Our time was short. But you both gave me a second chance & we lived it up together. You love when I look at you. I’ll never stop.



Always, Dukey


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Here is Dukey’s adoption video from 3 years ago….

by Shelley Mamott

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2 thoughts on “Incredibly Touching Story Of A Dog’s Last Day

  1. Susan says:

    Of course I cried for you and for Dukey–showing the good times as well as the hurt is what you have to do in order to try and make sense out of this love we have for our furbabies-unconditional! my heart aches for the day until you will get to see Dukey again! I’ve been there and will be there again many times but you know what- the love we give to these wonderful best friends we have is so out numbered by what they give us. I thank God for these Best Friends I am lucky to have/know for what ever the amount of time he lets me have.
    Thank you for sharing!

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