10 Of The Cutest And Sweetest Dog Family Pics

Puppies are all so cute, especially when paired with their mommy and daddy look-a-likes. Here are 10 of the cutest and sweetest pics of mommy and daddy dogs with their adorable little babies!


This happy mama with her cute little Golden Retriever puppies – source



This Husky mama who is all tuckered out with 6 of her little pups – source



This sweet cuddling Golden Retriever family – source



This Bulldog mama who wants to keep all her babies in line – source



This Husky mommy and daddy keeping an eye on their basketful of puppies – source



This handsome German Shepherd family…. mama, papa and the three little piglets – source



This adorable Bulldog family…. Biggie, Doris and their daughter Molly – source



This cute family of Rottweilers – source



These proud and happy Golden Retriever parents – source



And this Golden mama who clearly needs a break from her adventurous puppies – source

by A Place To Love Dogs

10 thoughts on “10 Of The Cutest And Sweetest Dog Family Pics

  1. Inge Traina says:

    I am the owner of a chocolate Lab and my husband is her trainer. Her name is Maggie and she is now training for her Mastertitle from the AKC. You have no idea how much I enjoyed the pictures of all the dogs . They truly are men’s best friend. Thank you!
    Your friend Inge

  2. Gerry Bastie says:

    I did enjoy the pictures, especially the male and female goldens laying together with the litter. Not every female will let the male get so close to her litter and not to mention how close he is to her. Thank you for the smiles.

  3. Joan says:

    Golden male & female just filled me with a lot of love these lovely dogs with their
    Was this arranged picture or natural shot,either way it torn at your heart,dogs give
    Owners so much joy as I my dogs do.

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