Touching Photos Honoring The Loving Bond Between The Homeless And Their Pets

The touching images speak for themselves in this heartwarming project called Lifelines. Photographer Norah Levine and audio producer Gabrielle Amster teamed up with the Animal Trustees of Austin’s 4PAWS Program to tell the stories of homeless people and their loving pets.


Jessika, Joshua and Family

Levine’s portraits show the close bond between the homeless and their pets and how they rely on them for companionship, protection, and their well-being. Oftentimes, homeless pet owners prioritize their animals needs over their own out of love, using what little resources they have to care for them. And although they are homeless and living on the streets, the animals all appear happy, well-fed, and neatly groomed. The series illustrates the lifelong bonds and dedication that forms between the individuals and their animal companions.

Levine says, “It’s supposed to feel good when you look at my images. I’m a happy photographer. The subject matter of homelessness it not a happy one, but I wanted to find the joy that existed in the subject matter.”

All profits from the project will benefit 4PAWS (For People and Animals Without Shelter), a program which provides free sterilization services, vaccinations, and veterinary services to pets of the homeless citizens of Central Texas. 4PAWS is dedicated to helping the homeless keep their best friends happy and healthy.

Scroll to the bottom to watch the beautiful, touching video


Jedd and Alice


Maggie and Eric with Dixie and Reptar


Courtney and Calvin with Odie and 2 Sox


Rose with Junior


Lynn with Charlie


Sandra with Harley


Pops with Wednesday


Denise with Chaser


Chuck with Baby Girl


Jeremy with Jynx


Bradley with Ellie


Connor with Super Max


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