Pitbull Bunny Gets Rescued From The Desert | Photos

This is the touching story of a rescued Pitbull named Bunny who was abandoned in the desert. It started off with a terrified dog, continued with a hug, followed by a good night kiss.


For many weeks Bunny lived in a field and wouldn’t let anyone near her. Eldad Hagar from Hope for Paws drove to the desert, a 2 hour drive east of Los Angeles with Lisa Arturo. Once there they met up with Linda Drott who had a large trap. Eldad grabbed a cheeseburger, sat down on the ground, but fear was greater than hunger, and Bunny wouldn’t even come close.


The three of them set up the trap and drove 100 yards away… giving Bunny time to relax and not worry that something might happen to her. She didn’t have any food for awhile and after about 3 minutes she had given into the smell of the cheeseburgers. Once she was caught, they didn’t want to take her out of the trap there… not knowing if she would fight, and they couldn’t risk losing her. They took the dog to Linda’s brother’s house close by, so that she couldn’t escape.


Once at Linda’s brother’s house, Eldad opened the trap, placed a leash on Bunny, and the sweetest thing happened. Bunny just walked towards him, placed a paw on his leg and placed her head in his lap, all the while her tail was wagging. This poor doggie was abandoned in the desert, and all she wanted was a hug. From there they took Bunny to the hospital to begin medical care.


First up was a bubble bath! Bunny’s life was about to change forever! She knew it too, because even during the bath her tail never stopped wagging.


Bunny met a new kitten friend. She also loves dogs and people too!


The new friends give each other a kiss goodnight! So sweet.

God bless you Bunny, may you live a wonderful life in home filled with nothing but love!!

Photos: eldad75

Sevadog will be fostering and handling her adoption as soon as she gets the medical clearance. Visit them on facebook


by A Place To Love Dogs

13 thoughts on “Pitbull Bunny Gets Rescued From The Desert | Photos

  1. Lois says:

    So wonderful to read such a heartfelt and positive story. Eldad you are their everything, God Bless You for all you do for these abandoned and abused animals.

  2. J Sut says:

    What a lovely sweet girl! If only I had the space she deserves. Pls keep us posted on her lucky new family once she chooses them. Thank you for all you do!

  3. cristina says:

    God Bless this guys!!! you are wonderful to dogs and to us. Thank you for saving Bunny and many other dogs
    they deserve a good home and treated with love! :) they will love you back unconditionally forever….

  4. lucy says:

    This is a beautiful thing to do, I know most people are afraid to try in rescuing a dog as we don’t know what the outcome will be, but if you take all the precautions that Hagar, Arturo and this amazing team to trap the dog safely things should come out with great success.
    I rescue dogs that are running loose in the streets or left abandoned etc and I feel very fortunate for my good luck each time I meet a new Angel, this dogs are just lost Angels anxious to meet a generous human to come to them, they need us humans, they want to be with us, they are forgiving no matter how bad they had it before we come along their way a dog will always be greatful to a helping hand.
    This is a perfect sample of how much Bunny wanted a home.
    We’ll done!

  5. Susan says:

    I rescued an adult pit bull 4 years ago, and she is the love my family. I hope that Bunny is as lucky as my beautiful girl, who is and will be pampered with love and happiness for the rest of her life. What a beautiful girl Bunny is, and may her rescuers be blessed tenfold for their kindness.

  6. laura says:

    I wish I could adopt Bunny but I don’t have a fence I live in the countryside in Mt. Shasta. Inhopevshe gets a wonderful home

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