Heroic Dog Helps Firefighters Save Her Puppies From A Drain Hole | Story


A heroic stray dog has helped firefighters save her puppies after they got stuck in a drainage canal in the southwestern Turkish province of Muğla on June 7.

Resident, Erhan Erol, called firefighters to the scene when he noticed the eight puppies were stuck and about to be drowned as the canal was slowly filling with seawater.


The rescue team was able to stop the rising water, but couldn’t reach the puppies through the narrow opening to free them.


When one of the firefighters noticed the mother dog nursing another puppy under a balcony of a nearby building, he whistled for her to come help in the rescue of the other pups.


The stray dog quickly joined the rescue team, as they lowered her into the hole, saving and then nursing each puppy one by one. Residents watching the rescue operation applauded and cheered her each time.


The rescue mission was accomplished in under an hour and one resident onlooker said “this is what motherhood is.”


by Shelley Mamott

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3 thoughts on “Heroic Dog Helps Firefighters Save Her Puppies From A Drain Hole | Story

  1. Dawn Faires Larson says:

    I hope the mother and the babies were taken to a happy place. I would love to know what happens with this little family.

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