10 Of The Cutest Puppy Bellies You Have Ever Seen

Puppy Bellies! Chubby, spotted, pink, rolly polly and smoochable! One thing for sure is that they all like to be rubbed! Here are 10 of the most adorable puppies with the cutest bellies you have ever seen!

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New little brindle Pibble pooch Indy and her adorable kissable belleh – source



Sweet Bulldog pup with her chubby little belly – source



Luna showing off her gorgeous spotted puppy belly the day she came home. So kissable – source



Corgi sweetie blissfully dreaming of belly rubs – source



Wee pup with pink lips, pink toes and a pink puppy belly – source



Sleepy Dalmatian pup knows no one can resist her spotted tummy – source



Sweet Bulldog sisters Taylor and Beatrice and their big, adorable smoochable bellies – source



Golden Retriever Heidi often falls asleep while getting her tummy rubbed – source



This cute little Beagle is all posed and ready for her tummy rub – source



And this cutie with a rolly polly puppy belly who is just too adorable for words – source

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