Nine Special Beagles See Freedom For The First Time | Video

These nine Beagles spent their entire lives in cages, subject to laboratory and product testing until Beagle Freedom Project came along!

According to the project, Beagles are the breed most often used in lab testing because of their friendly, loving, docile, and trusting nature.

Their mission is to rescue and find homes for Beagles used in laboratory research.

The first thing they did when they rescued the nine beagles was to take out the ID numbers in their ears and gave them real names.








At first they were nervous and apprehensive


And many found comfort in a crate the Beagle Freedom Project left outside…


But soon they were having the time of their lives, playing together, never having to spend another minute in a cage! Freedom at last :)

by A Place To Love Dogs

3 thoughts on “Nine Special Beagles See Freedom For The First Time | Video

  1. Elsa says:

    Absolutely brought tears to my eyes. That is just one of the best things I’ve ever seen and thank you for sharing and caring and restoring faith in the human race. Most of all thanks from each and every one if those beagles rescued they will now know what love and freedom is thanks to your help. God bless you and all the people who make any animals time on earth a happy and safe and caring environment. Xx

  2. Victoria Resurreccion says:

    God bless all of you in this Beagle Freedom Project. I too had tears of joy for them seeing their wonderful new leashes on life!!! Such precious, beautiful animals caged all their lives & being experimented on. So happy they’re now free from the abuse of the past. Thank you, all!! I hope you find more of these lovely dogs to save.

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