Snuffles The Dog With Two Noses Finally Finds A Loving Home, Again


Well finally once again, it looks as though Snuffles, the dog that appears to have two noses, has found his forever family!!!

The Belgian Malinois Shepherd mix arrived at the Dogs Trust Glasgow Rehoming Centre in January, when he was four months old. The sweet pooch has already had four homes in his short life before going to the Rehoming Centre. Staff at the centre were worried that he would be overlooked or passed over because of his unusual appearance. Due to a birth defect, the dog’s nostrils didn’t  fuse together giving the appearance of having two noses.


In February, after his story went viral, Snuffles got a flood of offers from all over the world of people wanting to adopt him. Then, a few weeks later, Snuffles was rehomed to a family who live in East Lothian, but due to unforseen circumstances the adoption fell through and Snuffles was once again waiting for his forever family.

But all that changed again this month and a statement by the Dogs Trust said: “We are pleased to say that Snuffles has now left Dogs Trust Glasgow. He is settling in with his new family, adapting to living in a home environment – after spending so long in kennels.”


Let’s hope the journey is over for this sweet, loving dog and that he is finally home to stay!

by Shelley Mamott

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