Compassionate Boy Feeds Stray Dogs To The Surprise Of His Father

A curious father was surprised after discovering where his young son was going every day while taking his own dog for a walk in the neighborhood. For two weeks, he noticed that his son left their house in the rural Philippines, carrying a backpack. Curious, the father decided one day to tag along and brought his camera with him

Ken feeding the strays. At first the dogs would only eat the food he left for them when he was 50 feet away. Gradually they got used to him.

When the two stopped at the side of the road a group of stray, starving dogs, who seemed infected with mange, came towards them. His son told him he had been taking the daily trips to feed the dogs.

We don’t know their names, or if they have any. Here is Brownie, Blackie and the white dog

Remembering when he first saw the animals, he explained: ‘I’m embarrassed to say I was pretty disgusted. But my son changed my perspective entirely.”

The white dog is the only one that will come near

The proud father now supplies the dog food for his son, he hopes to treat the strays for their skin condition and eventually re-home them.

He knows how to high five. If you put your hand out, he will respond

Father and son have both been taking precautions to disinfect themselves after interacting with the strays.

The white dog is the only one that will approach

His father said his son has ambitions to open up his own animal shelter one day.

Blackie, who seems to be the mother

Since the pictures have been posted on the internet, many kind people offered to help feed the animals, so young Ken, 9 years old, and his father have made a website for people who want to help or donate happyanimalsclub

Photos: Churchofpizza

by A Place To Love Dogs

9 thoughts on “Compassionate Boy Feeds Stray Dogs To The Surprise Of His Father

  1. Zazu says:

    I think this young man is amazing! I am trying to get some major players to offer support and will do anything I can to assist this young man in making his dream come true. What a wonderful inspiration. His father is also so to be commended for supporting his son’s goals.

  2. Amrinder says:

    God bless you little boy… You reminds me of my childhood… I also used to do all those things but couldnt continue… May god give you strength to serve and care those beautiful creatures for the long time… Lot of wishes to you ….

  3. Dwayne Bell says:

    I have been this young mans biggest supporter and monthly send him donations. If you have not seen the transformation of the dogs under his care you will be amazed and may even shed a tear or two like I did. He is truly a remarkable young man and one day I plan on visiting his shelter!

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