Abandoned Dachshund Shares A Special Bond With Paralyzed Cat | Video

Abandoned dog and cat found together share a special bond

Ruth the cat and Idgie the Dachshund were both abandoned and found together by Animal Services at the end of someone’s driveway and taken to Hollywood Hounds in Orlando


They were named after the characters in Fried Green Tomatoes because of their special bond


Idgie adores Ruth who has some health issues, but that doesn’t seem to bother the dog at all


Whenever Idgie gets a new toy she always takes it over to the cat and anytime a new dog shows up, Idgie makes sure it doesn’t try and bother Ruth


Although Hollywood Hounds does adoptions through Animal Services and other rescue groups, they’ve decided to adopt Idgie and Ruth themselves, who get plenty of love and attention!!


by Shelley Mamott

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One thought on “Abandoned Dachshund Shares A Special Bond With Paralyzed Cat | Video

  1. Libbi Rucker-Reed says:

    Have you looked at getting some rear end wheels for the kitty? I have seen other dogs and cats use them. She might be able to move around in one of those. :)

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