7 Year Old Girl Battling Cancer Reunited With Her Missing Dog | Video

Mady O’Brien, a 7-year-old California girl battling cancer was reunited with her dog after he went missing in Arizona over a year ago.

In July, 2012, Meko, the O’Brien family’s 4-year-old Brussels Griffon, disappeared during a family camping trip after going to sleep with Mady. The family learned that someone had picked up the dog at the camp ground but did not return him.

“I woke up and I wondered where Meko was,” said Mady. Devastated, the family looked everywhere for him, putting up signs and hoping for his safe return.

They eventually gave up hope of ever seeing Meko again until they received a call from Yavapai Humane Society over a year later. They had picked Meko up on a busy Arizona highway and scanned his microchip.

The call was unexpected but very welcome news for the family. In May, Mady was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Since then, she has undergone surgery, and numerous radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

“It’s been a rough six months,” Dana O’Brien said.

Mady and her mom Dana were on their way to yet another chemotherapy session when they got the good news from the Humane Society. Mady and her brother Jayden spent the next few days creating ‘Welcome Home Meko’ signs and digging up his old puppy blankets. Mady’s father, James, drove to the 400 miles to the YHS to bring Meko home.

Meko’s long journey home ended with lots of hugs, kisses and two very happy children. Meko settled in right away and was back to sleeping with Mady that night. He is also getting along well with the family’s new dog Joey, a deaf Queensland Heeler who they adopted a few months after Meko went missing.

After a long 16 months, Meko’s return has given the family renewed hope for the future.

by Shelley Mamott

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