9 thoughts on “Chihuahua Pitbull Mix

  1. alex says:

    Don’t have to see him in person to see how incredible of new breed you have,was it difficult to breed clyde parents,how did you managage to do so?

  2. buster says:

    how cruel this dog will have a lot of health problems get ready for vet bills… probley wont take him because a vet would tell you not a good match,,, looks cute but not for the dog

  3. Amay Ganson says:

    I reviewed your photo with photoshop and I do not want to call you a liar, however, the head looks like you spliced it in. I do note the shovel in the background but I am looking at the shading and the fur tone. So It would be interesting to see another photo of this dog.

    I have worked with pit bulls in the past and my niece breeds Chihuahuas so I know that it would be a pretty near to impossible mixed breed to come up with.

    Interesting breed, just not such a great idea…

  4. Bug says:

    That was either really dangerous, or really strange for the mother. I certainly HOPE the Mother was the large breed not the small. a Large breed breeding with a Small breed can kill a small breed mother. I hope he is healthy, but I worry for the mother.

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