Urban Intervention: Homeless Dogs Given Hope Filled Balloons | Video

Homeless dogs given hope

A truly wonderful story of a unique urban intervention by two compassionate college students.

The two students took to the streets of Santiago, Chile armed with bright balloons, in hopes of raising awareness of the reality that there are thousands of homeless dogs living in cities around the world, that are forgotten and ignored by the people around them.


The project is called ‘Estoy Aquí,’ which translates to a simple plea: I AM HERE. Written on the balloons are phrases like ‘feed me,’ ‘pet me,’ ‘hug me,’ ‘scratch me’ and ‘don’t abandon me.’


These simple, yet profound messages, encouraged passersby to take notice of these homeless dogs and provide them with a little food, attention and some much needed love! Brilliant!!

Special thanks to our friend Shachar from allmyfaves for forwarding this story on to us

via dashburst

by Shelley Mamott

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One thought on “Urban Intervention: Homeless Dogs Given Hope Filled Balloons | Video

  1. Cristina says:

    It is wonderful of this young ladies that are giving an example to a city about awareness and love to this animals. they need love protection and food !! :) Please continue to help like this it makes a big difference in their live’s thanks to people like you! :)

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