Dog Rescues Baby From Garbage

Dog rescues baby

Photo credit: People Pets

A dog named Pui in Ayutthaya Province of Thailand has saved the life of a newborn baby girl after she was abandoned in a garbage heap on the roadside.

The two-year-old dog Pui, found the girl wrapped in a plastic bag and carefully brought her home and barked for attention from his owner.

After hearing Pui’s barking, a 12-year-old girl rushed downstairs to find the baby and shocked she ran to her mother for help. The baby was immediately admitted to a hospital nearby.

Pui has been awarded with a leather collar and a medal as a token of appreciation, while his owner received 10,000 baht reward for Pui’s heroic action.

by Shelley Mamott

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2 thoughts on “Dog Rescues Baby From Garbage

  1. Renee Staley says:

    Saying he’s a good dog just doesn’t cut it!! Wow, I can’t even put words into what a wonderful dog this is. I hope his parent are proud of him!! And to all those who say that I’m gonna have to get rid of MY dog when my human baby is born in October…read this story and tell me how you could say a horrible thing like that! AWESOME JOB PUI!!! You Truly are a hero!!!

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