Yorkie Puppy Plays Patty Cake | Video

Cute Yorkie puppy plays patty cake

This has got to be one of the cutest videos I have ever seen! Tiny 21-week-old Yorkie puppy Misa Minnie plays patty-cake with her mommy. Dubbed as one of the smartest Yorkie puppies in the world, Misa Minnie performs a variety of tricks including patty-cake which she learned in just four days. It really is quite something!!! You go girl :)

Via wannasmile

by Shelley Mamott

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2 thoughts on “Yorkie Puppy Plays Patty Cake | Video

  1. Marie Johnson says:

    I had my Yorkie for 16 blessed years and I couldn’t train her to go outside to pee, so kudos to the two of you !
    P.S. Misa Minnie is too cute !

  2. Linda richardson says:

    Please, please, tell me where you bought Misa. I am so in love withis this dog and I wish you would show people how you taught her. How much does she weigh?
    Thank you in advance

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