Top Ten Best Dog Grooming and Cleaning Tips

Our dogs are precious to us. We love them and forgive them for everything, the way they seem to forgive us. But there are some things that can be challenging about caring for another living being — for example, dog grooming and cleaning. Here are a few tips for grooming and for cleaning a household with dogs that we hope will make the task easier for you and maybe even give you more quality time to spend with your doggy.

Brush Your Dog Often

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Brush your dog often to keep shedding under control. Grooming your dog outside is ideal, but when the weather doesn’t allow for it, a room with a hardwood or tile floor will be much easier to clean up afterwards than one with carpet.

Bath Your Dog Regularly

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This is perhaps one of the more obvious tips on keeping your dog clean — clean your dog. The benefits in terms of general cleanliness and fresh smell are clear, but bathing your dog regularly will also reduce shedding.
Here is an article about the issue of how often you should wash your dog.

Vacuum Instead of Sweeping

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Try vacuuming up dog hair instead of sweeping, which tends to stir up more hair than it removes. Vacuuming daily will prevent a build-up of dog hair on the carpet which may then clog your vacuum cleaner. Use your vacuum attachments on furniture and in small cracks between sofa seats where hair often gets trapped.

Your Doggy Can Help

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Train your dog to stay off the sofa and other furniture by creating a special place for him to lie. If that’s just not your style, cover your furniture with a slip cover or blanket that can easily be removed and washed as needed.

That’s How We Roll

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One of the really neat dog grooming and cleaning tips is to keep a lint roller handy for quickly removing hair from clothes and other fabrics, including your car seats. Heavy tape works just as well.

Immediate Action

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When training a puppy, clean up messes right away using paper towels and an enzyme-based dog odor neutralizer which will kill the scent.

The Natural Approach to Fighting Fleas

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Part of grooming your dog, and increasing the quality of life for both of you, is getting rid of fleas. If you’re worried about the use of toxic materials (and who isn’t?) here’s a natural way to fight fleas that you might want to try to avoid or reduce the use of those materials.

1. Every week wash your doggy and the bedding
2. Daily, use a flea comb
3. Use soapy water as a dip to kill any fleas that come off your doggy
4. Daily vacuuming may help but be sure to get rid of the bag to keep fleas from getting out.

Brushing Your Doggy’s Teeth

dog grooming and brushing

You might need a bit of patience to introduce your doggy to brushing their teeth. Here’s a few ideas on getting started on this aspect of dog grooming from Lisa Peterson, AKC expert.
Don’t use toothpaste at the start, just your finger to get your dog accustomed to their lips being lifted and their mouth and teeth being touched. Do with your finger what you will be doing later with the toothbrush – just pretending and doing the actions. Do it for just a little while and over time spend longer in your dogs’ mouth.

For more detailed explanations take a look at these:

Wipe On Entering

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Keep a nylon mat with a vinyl or rubber backing inside the door, as well as an old towel to wipe your dog’s paws or dry him thoroughly on wet days. This will help reduce wet dog smell, keep mildew from forming on rugs or furniture your dog likes to use, and eliminate muddy footprints.

Safety First!

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Clean your home with products that are completely pet safe, such as a half-cup of white vinegar in a gallon of water. Even if you’re using natural cleaners, be sure to rinse thoroughly after use and to store them where your doggy can’t get at them.

Bonus Tip | For Future Doggies

This may be one of the best grooming and cleaning tips for dogs if you have some flexibility in the type of dog you desire. You may want to try and reduce the problem altogether by taking a look at:

Top 10 Dog BreedsThat Dont Shed


Hope you enjoyed these Top 10 Best Dog Grooming Tips. We hope these great grooming tips will be useful next time you are cleaning or grooming your dog!
If you have a few favorites of your own be sure to include them in the comments below.


This information is gathered from general unverified internet sources for the convenience of readers and is not intended as expert advice or guidance, but as a starting point for further research. Consult a veterinarian for guidance in all pet related matters.

Sources: – pet-grooming-tips




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