Rascal My Mixed Breed

My charming mixed Breed Rascal

my cute mixed breed

This is Rascal, 10 years old on November 29, 2012. He’s a Toy Fox Terrier/Chihuahua mixed breed. I got him when he was two months old. His name seriously fits his personality. He’s ridiculously fast and really smart – he even learned that he can escape from windows and now he strategically removes the screens from our windows to escape (luckily, my house is one story). He watches t.v. with me, takes me for runs, and despite being really territorial and off putting to any company I may have over at my house at first, they all grow to love him. He’s not very cute right away, but he’s extremely charming. Also, he loves taking pictures. One time I lost him, and I found a very majestic photo on him posted on craigslist by the person who found him.

Submitted by Rachel P

by A Place To Love Dogs

One thought on “Rascal My Mixed Breed

  1. Rachael P says:

    I think Rascal is pretty adorable, though with a chihuahua and a chihuahua mix of my own, so it’s very possible that I’m biased. In any case, it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks – he’s your little guy and you love him to bits, as he loves you. And thank goodness you found him when he was lost!

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