Our Rescue Dog, Precious

Precious, our rescue dog

our rescue dog precious

This is our rescue dog, Precious. We saved her from a shelter in Missouri, 10 years ago. She had been on the street for a while, and only weighed four pounds. They were getting ready to put her to sleep that week. I had looked at some of their other dogs, but didn’t have a connection with them. I had seen her in her cage, and asked to hold her. I opened the cage, and before I could reach in, she jumped out, wrapped her legs around my neck, as if to say “mama, take me out of this crazy place!” We bonded in that instant. We had to carry her up and down steps for a few weeks before she was strong enough to climb them herself. She’s been a godsend for us, we think she’s an angel that was sent to brighten our lives, which she has. She’s such a character, has her own loving personality, and keeps us going. She “owns” us, we don’t own her. Whoever either lost her or threw her away, lost one of the best dogs around. She has gone from a skinny, quiet creature to one who has filled out, and lets everyone know whats what. Love her dearly!

Submitted by Barbara C

by A Place To Love Dogs

2 thoughts on “Our Rescue Dog, Precious

  1. Rachael P says:

    This story makes me so happy! Rescue dogs are absolutely the best – they’re so grateful for a second chance. I understand completely about her owning you. I happen to be owned by two rescues (I’m just lucky they let me live there). :)

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