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dogs and heaven - their purpose

The fellow worked hard and when he arrived, he looked at the angel and waited for praise. The angel said buddy you squandered your life, it’s really a shame how you wasted your days. To be happy and share it was your only goal, the reason you lived and were given a soul. The fellow said yes, but how could I know? We taught all the dogs, didn’t they tell you so?

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by Nathan Mondrowitz

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4 thoughts on “Dogs and Heaven | Dog Quote Poster

  1. Joann Marie Donahoe, DVM says:

    BRAVO and KUDOS to the Angels of !!!
    Recognizing dogs for being the 4-footed Angels that they are will not only be telling the truth and giving them the credit they so richly deserve, but raise human awareness and save many lives. In my opinion, God gave animals the toughest job of all, and that is to help restore man’s humanity to man, and they do it with maximum kindness, love, joy and humor…could we have better role models ?
    Big Thank You’s, Joann Marie Donahoe,DVM

  2. Claudia says:

    I do believe dogs are our teachers and spiritual guide. Animals are angels. Thank you for these beautiful words.Much love, Claudia

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