Puff the Olympian

Submitted by Ran T:

Puff may look like a small ball of fur but he has the biggest personality around. Since arriving in the world late 2011, Puff has spent the better part of his life training to attack inanimate objects (especially monkeys and ping pong balls) and to make sad puppy eyes to guilt humans into giving him food. In his spare time, he has made it his mission in life to lick everyone and everything he sees. With such skill, he was chosen to be the token product tester for inubar (www.inubar.com), where he gets to try out cool pet products from beds to toys. After work, this fearless pup can be seen romping around the dog park with his good friend, a 220-lb Mastiff

by A Place To Love Dogs

One thought on “Puff the Olympian

  1. Rachael P says:

    You can tell he has an enormous personality! It really shines through in his eyes. I have a 4 pound chihuahua who’s always preferred to hang out with the biggest dogs in the dog park. As long as they’re gentle with her, I don’t mind.

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