Saved Me

Submitted by Nallely J:

when i went in and rescued this wonderful creature she was recovering from a hit-and-run car accident. she had no one and no home as winter just began. now she’s nice and plump and has her pick of any food, bed, blanket, treat she wants and she has my heart.
i used to think i saved her, but she saved me.

Note from A Place To Love Dogs:

This submitted photo and description is so touching. I almost teared up when I read it. It sums up what so many people feel when they have rescued a dog. The sweetness and depth of feelings that we read in the submitted photos and descriptions we receive from all of you is just wonderful. We are so lucky to be in this position where we can receive and share so much love. We named it A Place To Love Dogs, but you all made it come true.

by Nathan Mondrowitz

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