3 thoughts on “Decker

  1. sadeg says:

    He is a good boy and I hope you enjoy your many years with him. I had one myself and I loved him so much, he took my loneliness away from me but it didn,t last too long. My best friend started losing weight and slowed down, took him to vet right away, ultrasound showed tumors on his spleen and liver. in less than a month, my closest Domino was so thin and sick that, I had to listen to his vet and do what was best for him. he was in pain. Hardest thing I have ever done in my life and even today after 631 days, I still cry for him and miss him each day more than the day before. I feel so sorry for not having him. Domino took my loneliness away from me and gave me happiness, now that, he is gone, I realize how lonely I am and how precious he was. No human has ever done that for me and I realize now,how much he meant to me.
    I wish the best of health for you and your Decker.d

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