What Is That Thing?

Submitted by Jennifer H:

This is my 7 year old golden, and my 10 year old daughters new guinea pig. When the pig is outside in her fence the dog will sit and watch her the whole time. I don’t know he wants to eat her or play with her, but he has never been aggressive :-)

by A Place To Love Dogs

3 thoughts on “What Is That Thing?

  1. MandM mom says:

    I completely agree with both of you. Our golden spent 9 years sharing her home with bunnies (LOTS of bunnies), a guinea pig and 3 very noisy parrots. She considered all of them her friend. We recently got a new golden puppy and I was concerned about how she would react to all our other pets, but she picked up exactly where her predecessor left off. Goldens are such wonderful dogs!!!

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