Waiting At The Door To Go For A Walk…..

Submitted by Phyllis B:

This is Sophie. A West Highland White Terrier. She is eleven, is insulin dependent diabetic, blind, and recently diagnosed with bladder cancer. She has been my constant companion since she was 6 weeks old, and was born on the day, my husband Les passed away. Sophie saved my life, and I have done all I could to save hers. Time is our enemy now, but I wanted to post this beautiful photo of my “angelpuss” for the world to see. Thank you.

by A Place To Love Dogs

10 thoughts on “Waiting At The Door To Go For A Walk…..

  1. Ana says:

    I know the pain of loosing the best friend one can possible find in this sad world. Im am prying for both of you. May you find the strengh you need. God Bless both of you! And I do believe dogs go to heaven, well fast then humans…

  2. Rachael P says:

    Phyllis B, I can only imagine how much this little girl means to you! Cherish the time you and Sophie have left and know that she will always be in your heart. And remember, she would not want you to grieve too long, but to open your heart to another furry friend.

  3. Gill says:

    What a dear wee dog and clearly still up for a walk with you. It is a dreadful thing that we must face saying goodbye when they have been so integral to our lives and helped us get by and been so much more than a pet.

  4. Rick says:

    It is heartbreaking to say goodbye, and even more to see a loved one ill. You both love each other. There is no heaven if we do not meet our dogs again. May Sophie pass in her sleep, happy, unafraid, and dreaming of playing with her mommy.

  5. Teri says:

    Prayers for you and Sophie. We just lost our beautiful Westie girl, Callie. She was the greatest little dog. I know we will meet again, and I hope that thought gives you strength. Bless you for taking such good care of her.

  6. Sandra Wagner says:

    Sorry about Sophie, I know what you are saying we have had Westie’s for 25 years now and I had to put down my boy when he was 14 yrs old and I had him cremated so I still have him with me. We had both his parents his mom died before him and I didn’t know about the cremation but our Vet told us about it and he took care of everything for us. We had his daddy cremated last year and he died just 6 weeks before his 20th birthday. Enjoy Sophie as much as you can before she goes. We have another named Buddy and he is such a boy who will be 5 at the end of this month.
    Thinking of you.

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