Time To Go Nite Nite Daddy

Submitted by Lori M:

This is Kingston aka Nugget. A gorgeous dappled doxie that belongs to a very lucky couple. The photographer is Christopher Eastman (who is very talented), who is one of the lucky owners. Love you Kingy!!

by A Place To Love Dogs

3 thoughts on “Time To Go Nite Nite Daddy

  1. Jake says:

    I am one of the lucky owners of this little character and he is just as cute in person as he looks to be in this photo. Despite having a rough puppy mill start, he’s doing fantastic now and making us laugh every single day. Biggest personality you’ll ever see in such a small package! Thanks to Lori M for helping Kingston make the front page news! We love dogs of all shapes and sizes!

  2. Rachael P says:

    I love me some Kingston! You can tell he’s got a great personality. One of mine started out in a puppy mill too and 10 years later, she’s still the light of my life. I think they’re just so grateful to be rescued from those awful places.

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