Submitted by Edie F:

I have been blessed with the love of this amazing dog for twelve short years. I can’t imagine a truer friend. I have learned so much from her and I hope I have been a worthy companion to her. Now she is fighting kidney disease and losing muscle to Cushing’s disease. I hope she does not leave us too soon, but she will leave the world a little richer for knowing her.

by A Place To Love Dogs

4 thoughts on “Ella

  1. Rachael P says:

    I can feel your pain and heartache. There could be no greater friend or companion than a dog, in my opinion. I pray for you to be strong and to know when it’s time to let her go.

  2. Deborah says:

    Let God’s will is done, good friend. And do not doubt that your life will be eternally blessed by this loving creature so have lived with you for so long and good years. God bless you!

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