Dog Led The Way To Missing Autistic Boy

Shelley Mamott, Staff Writer

Searchers found 5-year-old autistic boy, Scotty Meyer, Wednesday morning after a massive search effort. He had been missing since noon Tuesday near the town of Oak Grove, Wisconsin after wandering from his home. According to his aunt, Scotty was found dehydrated, sunburned and covered in bug bites but is now at a Twin Cities hospital in good condition.

Scotty was found by volunteer searcher Jason Moser of Ellsworth, and his 8-year-old golden retriever Autumn. Moser and Autumn had searched Tuesday night, and were out again Wednesday morning. Even though Autumn is not a search dog, Moser says he followed Autumn into the woods after she whimpered and pulled him toward the boy, who was under a tree near a steep incline. Meyer was whimpering, but alert, said Moser.

Moser knelt in front of him and the boy immediately grabbed a bottle of water from his hand and drank half of it down. “I ran as fast as I could and got up to him. The first thing he did was grab my bottle of water. And I talked to him, just kind of comforted him a little bit,” Moser said.

Moser said he thinks Autumn realizes that something good is going on and that tonight she’ll get a good bath and a nice dinner to celebrate her good deed.

by Shelley Mamott

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