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Dogs are inspirational. When I see people and dogs walking together I am often struck by the difference in their demeanors. The people in many instances are subdued, with their heads down in thought or worry. The doggies’ heads are high up in the air, walking along energetically and happily, expecting something wonderous to appear at any moment. And they are not disappointed… because the wonder is not in what is waiting for them around the next corner, but in their capacity to remain constantly open to all aspects of life rushing into their hearts and souls.

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by Nathan Mondrowitz

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4 thoughts on “Dogs Are Inspirational | Dog Quote Poster

  1. Pixel Blue Eyes says:

    Wow, this is utterly beautiful and so true. Except for the fact that my Mommy is a lot like me, looking to find the joy in her everyday life. I play a big role in that. If only all dog owners saw in their dogs what she sees in me.
    Thank you for this…
    Love Pixel

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