8 thoughts on “Why Is This Dog Wearing Shoes | Video

  1. Susan says:

    not a good idea! You can clearly see the poor baby is extremely uncomfortable and off balance. Not enjoying it at all. Why do people do things like that to animals to amuse their own selfish wharped sense of humor. Leave the poor baby alone before he/she ends up hurting their leg or something.

  2. Nknzl says:

    Depending on where you live it’s cruel not to get booties for your dog. Unless you don’t allow them to go outside in the winter. Their pads can easily get frost bite. All dog will walk like that when they first use them, they get used to having them on. Just like you have to train a dog to walk on a leash, they don’t pop out understanding it, takes them time to get used to.

  3. BleuBiYu says:

    Susan & Anon…don’t be so quick to judge. My nephew lives in Alaska And his Labs had to get used to the shoes and they did very quickly. They didn’t even end up in therapy. Without the shoes they would lose their feet to frostbite. And how cruel is it to make a 90 lb Lab stay indoors all winter?

  4. Contessa says:

    One of our schnauzers has SLO our vet encouraged US to get boots for him during the winter. No/very limited toe nails is worse for him when getting snow/ice packed paws than the uncomfortableness of boots. Most people wouldn’t do that to “torture” a dog, typically there is a purpose.

    He actually caught on pretty quickly if that was the first time on.

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