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I found Sybil on December 22nd of 2011 on the parking of a CVS near my house. I gave her food to calm my guilt of not taking her home (have 2 other dogs on my apartment). But the more time I spent with her, the more I liked her. There was a moment when she just looked at me with the most beautiful yet sad eyes… I was doomed. I spent some more time with her trying to win her over as she was EXTREMELY shy, but I ended up convincing her to get close enough to catch her and put her in my car. I spent WEEKS and weeks advertising her online and trying to find her a good home, but nobody called.. everybody had an excuse. By january she was sleeping on my bed with my other dogs, both she had to win over. I gave in. I had invested too much time and love on her to have her go with someone else. When I found her she was dirty and super anxious and depressed but today, she’s sitting on her chair in the living room (she won’t let anyone sit on it) and she’s found her forever home with me, Sebastian and Lolita.

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