Bailey’s Heartwarming Reunion | Video

Bailey went missing and became very ill with a vestibular disorder. She was found in rough shape and was dropped off at the pound. Fate kept her from being euthanized twice.

After over a month in the rescues care and no acceptable applicants, a spur of the moment decision was made to place a new ad.

Not 20 minutes after placing the ad the rescue caring for Bailey got a email from a man that thought she was his dog. Thankfully it turned out it was and he had almost given up on finding her. In this video you can hear the emotion in the dog when she sees someone she thought was gone forever.

by Shelley Mamott

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2 thoughts on “Bailey’s Heartwarming Reunion | Video

  1. jaz says:

    Oh my gosh – sweetest thing ever! Her little tail looks like it’s just gonna wag right off!! So glad she was reunited w/ her mom & dad – she looks like a sweet heart!

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