2 thoughts on “Baby Husky’s First Day Home

  1. Natalie Sayas says:

    these are so adrabel i just love them so much i whant one of them i need one i ust to have a dog butshe died we all cried i was so sad she was really preety she was like a humon she was awsome but these are just so cute i have to have one……. I love dogs so much

  2. Jayden Ashly Crystal says:

    i had a dog but she got rain over loved her so much me and mysitter cred for 2 oures nut when i look at puppie it mackes me fell a littl better exspachalie when i look at huskys or snuziers those are my favroit dogs……. i love dogs like crazy i have lots of pics in my room of dogs there my fave i have 4 sisters and 2 brother one of my brothers is my puppy hes name is Elvis we love him like faimly.. if u are wondering why is beacuse we love him like family and tright him like family we all love him so much he axes like humon…… he sleeps on a pillow we gave him 1 and he sleeps on his back he is a minachure snuzer…. love him so much!!!!!!!!

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