7 thoughts on “Saying Hello To The Doggie

  1. Brent @ Heart My Dog says:

    I also don’t like seeing dogs that are left at home in the yard all day without any love – I nearly want to go and ask the owners if I can take them for a walk sometimes! Good on you for doing something!

  2. 'Lish says:

    Thank you for showing him love :-) It’s a shame that his own family doesn’t.. My fiance and I recently took in an English bulldog, who’s older, because his owners couldn’t afford to keep him at their new home. I feel for those dogs that aren’t more fortunate. God bless you for not letting him go without some attention.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for taking the time to give that poor doggie some love. Some people shouldn’t have dogs. If I were you I would find him a loving home and have him magically disappear one day. I’ve done it myself and have never regretted it. Take care.

  4. source says:

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