Labrador Retriever Adopts Duckling

The story behind the photo…

A Labrador Retriever adopted this duckling after it’s mother was mauled by a fox, according to Yahoo News.

The duck, named Dennis was less than a week old when the tragedy struck, but Fred, the 4 year old Lab was up to the task of taking care of the little orphan. Even Fred’s owner, Jeremy Goldsmith, happily allowed the new friend.

Finding Dennis, Fred immediately began licking the little duckling clean. Since then the unlikely pair sleep together, play together and even go swimming in the local pond, according to the Daily Mail.

Goldsmith told the Daily Mail, “It is amazing to see the two of them together. When we found Dennis he was quite frail, and he clearly would not have survived another day on his own.”

Goldsmith added, “Fred grew up with all our animals and has such a loving nature that he always fathers any orphans. Though Dennis sees Fred more as mother, so I suppose he is a bit like one of those modern stay-at-home dads.”

“He absolutely adores Fred, so I am sure he will pick up some canine traits. I am expecting him to start barking and chasing cats.”

Based on a story by Jennifer Viegas

by Shelley Mamott

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