8 Hero Dogs That Saved The Day

Shelley Mamott, Staff Writer

Dogs are a person’s best friend and the most loyal companions. Here is a list of 8 loyal dogs who went the extra mile to save their human friends.

Kilo, Pit Bull

Kilo, the Pit Bull took a bullet to the skull to save his owner and ward off an intruder. On March 31, a robber disguised as a FedEx man showed up at the apartment of Justin Becker and tried to push his way in. Becker tried to hold the door closed and keep the man from entering. The thief had a gun and that’s when Becker’s 12 year old dog, Kilo lunged at the assailant and got shot.
The bullet ricocheted off his skull, exited through his neck and he miraculously survived. The veterinary clinic that operated on Kilo, told the New York Post “He’s very lucky.” Unfortunately the intruder got away.

Mabeline, Rhodesian Ridgeback

While out for a stroll with a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix named Mabeline, a 17 year old girl who was volunteering at an animal shelter was attacked by a male attacker. The man who was later identified as registered sex offender, allegedly pinned the girl to the ground. That’s when Mabeline jumped to the girls aid and scared the man off. When Mary Callahan, the woman who later adopted Mabeline found out about her dog’s brave act she said “I looked at my dog and I thought, ‘You are a hero.'”

Henry, Chocolate Labrador

When Frank Walker was cutting down a tree by his home, it came crashing down pinning him underneath for an agonizing three hours. His left arm and leg were broken, he had internal bleeding and cracked ribs which made it impossible for him to yell for help. Henry, his 10 year old Chocolate Lab stuck by his side nudging him all along to keep him awake and alert. When Henry saw a neighbor he ran up, barking like crazy and the neighbor called 911 for help. “He’s just a special dog — super dog,” Walker said.

Grace, Mixed Breed

Just before the holidays Alice Zeitz decided to take in one more pooch, a mixed breed named Grace, even though she had already fostered 100 dogs. One day right before Christmas, Grace started barking and running back and forth to the basement, alerting the family that the washing machine had caught on fire. She sensed the fire before the smoke detector went off and with the early warning the family was able to contain the fire before it did any serious damage. Needless to say Grace is now a permanent part of the Zeitz family.

Hercules, St Bernard

Lee and Elizabeth Littler adopted a St. Bernard named Hercules from a local shelter saving him from being euthanized. Just hours after bringing him home, Hercules returned the favor. Hercules started barking for seemingly no reason and then ripped through the screen door chasing away an intruder who was trying to break into their home. Though Hercules got a hold of the assailants foot, he managed to get away.

Angel, Golden Retriever

An 11 year old boy named Austin Forman was outside playing with his 18 month old Golden Retriever, Angel. Suddenly out of no where a cougar came rushing toward them and the young boy had no time to react. Angel, threw herself between Austin and the cougar trying to protect the young boy. Angel was nearly killed before a police officer saved her life by shooting at the cougar. The boy said, “She was my best friend, but now she’s even greater to me,” His father Jay agreed: “He was saved by an angel.”

Danny, Miniature Schnauzer

Bethe Bennett an elderly woman took a severe fall in her home breaking her leg and knocking her unconscious. It was only until Danny, a Miniature Schnauzer service dog she was fostering licked her that she was able to wake up. Bennett couldn’t move and realized it would be days before anyone would stop by, she thought she was going to die. But Danny came to her rescue and brought her a phone so she could call for help.

River, Snake Slayer

Two Australian girls, 7-year-old Michelle Lynch and her 2-year-old sister Kaylee, were headed to their swing set when a 2-foot snake slithered nearby. Their 18 month old dog River spotted the snake and came bursting out jumping on it. The girls mom Catherine said that it was instinct for the dog to get in there especially with the kids involved. River was bit by the poisonous snake causing paralysis a few hours later, but the family was able to get the dog to a vet for an anti-venom and River made a full recovery.

by Shelley Mamott

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