Rock Star

Submitted by Erik T:

R.I.P. Rocky. You were the greatest dog I could ever asked for. Your gentle eyes stared straight into my soul and touched my heart. You lived a good life and brought me so much joy. You traveled across the country with me. You hiked up a 14,000 foot mountain with me. You went swimming in the Pacific Ocean. You have frolicked in the most beautiful of alpine meadows and streams. You have been on climbing trips with me. You would cuddle with me on the couch and take up my entire bed at night, I didn’t even care, I would be uncomfortable all night just so I didn’t wake you. Every time I would come home you would be sooo psyched to see me, some times you would even pee your pants a little, but I wasn’t mad. You had many many nicknames; The Boy King, Pharaoh, Majestic, Precious, Beautiful…and the list goes on forever. My life is not the same now, but I know you are not suffering anymore. Thanks for so many great memories. Love and miss you already.

by A Place To Love Dogs

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