A Sweet Unexpected Friendship – Dog and Guinea Pig!

Submitted by brentwhite:

This is the sweet story of our dog Dakota and her friendship with our Guinea Pig Carly. We had Carly a year before getting Dakota so being raised as a puppy with the Guinea Pig, Dakota and Carly became fast friends.

Occasionally, we will let the guinea pig out of her cage and it is really cute to see them chase each other around the house. Dakota is a German Short Haired Pointer/Border Collie mix, which are generally hunting dogs. It’s truly amazing that she has never tried to hurt her.

It’s also great to watch Dakota go over to Carly’s cage, lean in and touch noses. Usually dogs like Dakota don’t get along with animals like Carly, but in this case they are best friends. Dakota is very protective of Carly and makes it her job to watch over her.

by A Place To Love Dogs

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