A Dog’s Love

My friend sent me this picture and I believe it’s the most true thing ever. Dogs are man’s best friends for a reason. Not every person knows how to love a dog but every dog knows how to love a person.

Submitted by Bekah C

by A Place To Love Dogs

7 thoughts on “A Dog’s Love

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love dogs more than some people. Dogs are loyal and love you undcondtional. The are the best thing God every put on this earth. My dogs are my best friend.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I volunteer for a rescue group and we would love to use this on our site and/or FB page. I was wondering if you knew who the pic/caption was by so that we could ask for permission?

    Thank you!

  3. A Place To Love Dogs says:

    Hi, no sorry i don’t know off hand where it originated from because it was submitted to us. I suppose the picture came first and then somewhere down the line the caption was added. If I do happen to find out I will pass it on.

  4. Sean Delevan says:

    Hi, I saw you mentioning that you were not sure where some of the photos come from.

    I hope you do not mind that I post your photos and videos on my Facebook as well.

    I do not take credit for your photos and I ALWAYS say it came from your page.

    You guys are the best and i hope some day I can have a page as great as yours!

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