Top 10 Amazing Pet Gifts

Shelley Mamott, Staff Writer

1. Puppy Tweets Dog Collar

Puppy Tweets is a smart gadget that lets you stay connected to your dog through messages that tells you exactly what your dog is doing! It is a tag with a sound and motion sensor that can be attached to your pet’s collar. Whenever your dog moves or barks, ‘Puppy Tweets Tag’ sends you messages that will appear as a Tweets to your twitter account. Make a special Twitter page for your doggy and  get updates throughout the day. Every time your dog barks, you will see a Tweet on his page, saying something like, “I miss you, please hurry home.” In blue and pink.

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2. Self Warming Dog Bed

The self-warming dog bed is an ideal gift for your dog to snuggle up to on those cold winter nights. It radiates your dogs body heat back to its body. A really great gift for older dogs with arthritis or joint and muscle aches.

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3. Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

The drinkwell platinum fountain is a cool gift that both cats and dogs will enjoy, as they prefer flowing water to still water. It will keep them well-hydrated and holds 168 ounces of water. It features a pre-filter for long pump life as well as a charcoal filter to remove impurities and off-flavors.

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4. Furminator Deshedding Tool

The Furminator deshedding tool is ideal for efficient deshedding of any pet. It comes in various sizes for both cats and dogs. An ideal gift for you and your pet especially during high shedding months.

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5. Supercollar Dog Collar

Supercollar® is the first dog collar with a built-in retractable leash. It was designed to make life easier for you and to keep your dog safe. Supercollar® is approved by veterinarians and made in the USA.

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6. Mungo & Maud Pettite Amande Dog Fragrance:

From Mungo and Maud comes Petite Amande fragrance for dogs. This is one special gift to make your furry  friend smell lovely. The manufactures say the ingredients are of high quality and is safe for humans too. It has the delicate notes of French blackcurrant, Tunisian neroli, mimosa and violet leaf on a base of sweet vanilla bourbon with a little almond.


7. RouseDog Dart

The RouseDog dart and FroliCat is an interactive toy that provides hours of fun for your feline and canine friends. It has an automatic rotating laser light, just place it on the floor, turn it on and watch the chase begin. It has variable speed settings, 360 degree laser patterns with 16 exciting play combinations all for great exercise.

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8. Snuggie For Dogs

After a long day of chasing, digging, fetching and chewing, it’s time to just relax. Wrap your dog up in this snuggie for dogs and your dog can cuddle up and be warm until bedtime. Machine washable, warm ultra soft fleece for indoors and outdoor use. In blue and pink.

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8. Automatic Pet Feeder

Petmate fully automatic pet feeder can make feeding your pet convenient and easy. It can dispense portions from 1/4 to 3 cups of food up to three selected times per day. It accommodates a full range of dry food sizes, shapes and types.

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10. PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer

PediPaws precision filing wheel gently removes thin layers of nail to leave your pet’s paws nice and your home safe from scratches. The unique protective cap allows only the perfect amount of nail to be removed and contains all the filings so there’s no mess! You and your pet will love PediPaws.

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by Shelley Mamott

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