Take This Quiz To See If You Know These 10 Fascinating Dog Facts

Nathan Mondrowitz, Staff Writer

1. Which two breeds are the tallest dogs in the world?

2. What breed has the ability to blush when excited?

3. Which dog was originally bred by monks to guard monasteries because their sharp bark could warn hard-of-hearing monks?

4. Which dog was bred to fight badgers in their dens?

5. Almost all dogs have pink tongues, which two have black tongues?

6. Which dog has 6 toes and can close its ears?

7. In what Beatles song did Paul McCartney record an ultrasonic whistle that only dogs could hear for his Shetland sheepdog?

8. Which rock star saved his wife’s Pomeranian from a coyote by grabbing and wrestling it until it released the dog?

9. Can dogs see more or less detail than humans? Are dogs more or less sensitive to motion and light than humans?

10. What is the only animal whose evidence is accepted by an American Court?


1. Great Dane and Irish Wolfhound 2. The Pharaoh Hound 3. The Lhasa Apso 4. Dachshunds 5. The Chow Chow and the Shar-pei 6. The Lundehune 7. A Day in the Life 8. Ozzy Osborne 9. Less detail, more sensitive to light and motion 10. The Bloodhound

by Nathan Mondrowitz

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