Don’t Be Such A Boar

Shelley Mamott, Staff Writer

A dog and a wild boar piglet have developed an unlikely friendship and have become best pals. The piglet was found abandoned in the woods in rural southwestern Germany by Wilhelm Karl Dahlhaus. The fireman and his family adopted the baby boar and raised him by hand. Manni, as they named the boar became best friends with a Jack Russell terrier named Candy.

Manni was about 5 weeks old when he was found skinny and hungry but has since filled out nicely with bottle feeding, says Dahlhaus. He and Candy play together every day.

The two are cute when the play hide and seek and chase each other around the yard.

Manni will stay with the Dahlhaus family as a pet or live out his days in a wildlife park.

by Shelley Mamott

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Be Such A Boar

  1. A Place To Love Dogs says:

    this is a bit of an older story from a couple years ago, nonetheless I thought it was cute. I tried to find something more recent on the pair but couldn’t. I will continue to look though :) hopefully something will pop up!!

  2. Brian MT says:

    That looks like a peccary or javelina. They look very similar, but peccaries are not pigs. Very easily confused.

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