Hero Boxer Puppy Saves Family

Shelley Mamott, Staff Writer

A six month old Boxer puppy is being credited for saving the lives of his family after detecting a gas leak.

“He knew something we didn’t know. He sensed something wasn’t right,” said Jason Hyde.

Jason said the family’s Boxer, Ollie, knew something was wrong. He became very agitated and started acting out to get their attention. At first the family thought Ollie was just playing or maybe he had to go out.

“Just started nudging and rubbing our legs like he wanted to go back outside,” said Sheree Hyde.

They thought maybe Ollie had heard something outside their home, but once outside he refused to come back in.

“He had his head up and his back was arched and he was unwilling to come back inside,” said Jason.

The dogs obvious stress prompted the Hyde family to follow him out to the yard, it was then, when everybody was out of the house that Ollie finally seemed relaxed.

Once outside, it occurred to Jason that the gas for the fireplace was still on, but when he went back in to check on it, he saw that the flame was out.

Ollie had smelled the gas coming from the unlit fireplace and knew something was wrong. Amazingly, even though Ollie is only 6 months old he knew he had to get his family out of the house.

“We don’t know how long the gas would have poured out and we do light candles,” said Sheree.

The Hydes were decorating and preparing to celebrate Christmas. They are grateful to their young pup are already celebrating life with Ollie.

“I just think that it’s cool that God has made a creature, made a dog, as smart as this dog is and I am glad to have him,” said Jason.

“We are very thankful for him,” added Sheree.


by Shelley Mamott

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