10 Awesome iPhone Apps For Dog Lovers

Shelley Mamott, Staff Writer

1. Pet Services Finder

Find all the services for your pet’s needs at home or on the road. The Pet Services Finder helps you locate the nearest veterinarians, emergency clinics, doggie daycare facilities, dog sitters and walkers, dog groomers and more. Once the results appear, it’s your choice: click to call, get directions or read and post reviews. Free


2. Pet First Aid

Be prepared with the Pet First Aid app and you’ll have instant access to clear, concise advice for common pet emergencies. With detailed articles, videos, and illustrations, you’ll know exactly how to care for your pet. $3.99


3. Dog Park Finder

Near home or on the go, the Dog Park Finder app has listings of 2700+ off leash area dog parks. With photos and reviews this app gives you all the information you need for a quick trip to the dog park, or a vacation across the country. Free


4. Pet Minder

With this this Pet Minder app. you can keep track of your dogs vital information and always have it with you. This app is perfect for scheduling reminders and events related to your dog like vaccinations, grooming, training appointments, play dates, and more. Free


5. Petfinder

Search pets by breed, age, gender and size from 13,000 shelters and rescue groups around the country with the Petfinder app. It’s just what you need if you’re looking for a new family member. Bookmark your favorite pet profiles and share them with friends via email, Facebook and Twitter. Free


6. Fido Factor

This user generated FidoFactor app will help you locate dog friendly spots in your area – dog parks, dog friendly restaurants, bars, pet stores, hotels, and more. This app will find you directions, hours, contact information and reviews. Free


7. Dog A Log

This Dog-A-Log app gives you access to dog breed information collected from Wikipedia condensed down for the iPhone. $0.99


8. Best of 101 Dog Tricks

Teach your dog a few new tricks with the Best of 101 Dog Tricks app. It’s a snap to use with video, photos and step-by-step instructions. $0.99


9. Dogs Pro

Dogs pro app is stylish and easy-to-use dog breed reference guide with an integrated dog breed quiz game. This detailed reference guide includes photos and facts about AKC recognized dog breeds, and lets you identify dogs by appearance, temperament, purpose and country of origin. $3.99


10. Pet Snap

Taking pictures of your dog with the PetSnap app improves your odds of taking a great shot. The app offers 32 different sounds to instantly get your dog’s attention, perfect for getting him or her to look right into the camera. $1.99

by Shelley Mamott

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