18 Year Old Talented Border Collie Penny – A Wonderful Companion For Life

Truly A Marvel

At almost 18 years of age Penny, a Border Collie is truly a marvel. She was an extremely good sheep dog, with the genes of the Border Collie breed in her. Having been a working dog on a sheep station for most of her life, I was grateful to take her as a companion when we both retired. She is still very active and enjoys chasing the sea gulls on our beach walking expeditions. The picture above was taken after an uphill walk, where she lay down in the long grass, but she does well for an elderly Lady.

Best Pup In A Litter Of Five

Born in 1994, she was the best pup in a litter of 5. She was never shown as she had a slight cast in her left eye, however she was successful in trials. All the other pups were bought by enthusiastic farmers in the district, but there was something special about Penny. Her nature, her intelligence, her ability in herding, plus her classic markings and confirmation true to the breed. It was obvious from the start and she became a prized worker. Penny was so smart she could control a mob, almost without any whistle directions or vocal commands.

A Setback In 2006

In 2006 she suffered a mild stroke, she recovered well but it was obvious her working days were over. I was involved with her rehabilitation and adoption. She was to be my companion for life. Slightly over fed and under worked, except when we walked the beach almost daily. She loved chasing the ever present sea gulls, who as part of the game would swoop down at her, teasing her into the shallow surf. Although she never managed to catch any of her tormentors it was delight to watch the ritual battle of the beach.

Penny Uses Her Skills On The Ducks

In the same vein walking beside the Avon river as a change of scene, there were always lots of ducks lining the banks. Penny decided that they should be in the water and not sunning themselves on the banks, so she remembered her work training and would herd the quacking ducks back into the river, where in her opinion they should be.

The Big Red Bus

Working on the farm she was transported on the back of the truck or in her dog kennel. These days having the back seat of my car to herself, with the window down she would drive me to distraction barking at all the sundry. If we passed someone else walking their dog or a large truck and worse still, pulling up beside a BIG RED BUS was bedlam! She would continue her barking looking out the rear window and stop only when the bus was out of sight and she returned to her original position watching out for something or somebody to inform them of her presence.

Penny, truly a wonderful companion for life.

~ story submitted by Dennis Graham

by Shelley Mamott

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2 thoughts on “18 Year Old Talented Border Collie Penny – A Wonderful Companion For Life

  1. Korin says:

    Aw, what a sweet story about a talented and hard-working dog. I’m glad she’s getting a comfy and well deserved retirement.

  2. Esther Enud says:

    She reminds me od my border collie, Pepper, who lived to be 14 years old and she crossed over the rainbow bridge from a stroke.

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