In Remembrance

Submitted by leahfu:

Today, October 15th, my father sent me a text to let me know that my “sister” Stella had gone to Doggy Heaven. She became ill about a week ago and I know they were giving her a bit of time to see if she was going to get over her illness. I do not know if she was put to sleep or if she passed on her own.

Stella was always the energetic life at my dad’s house. She made sure she greeted everyone and let them know she was JOYOUS over their arrival.

There was one exception and that was her arch nemesis “The UPS Driver.” She just knew he was dropping off a bomb and had to inspect every package. She’d destroy the ones she felt were threatening towards her family.

To add to the loss of Stella, one of my best friends just announced she had to say goodbye to her dog Ein today. Even though she lives in Arizona and I live in Florida my hope is that Ein and Stella crossed that Rainbow Bridge together.

by A Place To Love Dogs

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